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Outpatient services /treatments

Individual and group therapy

Child and family therapy for children of all ages and their families

Therapy for development disabilities

Intensive Home therapy


Mindsolutions, LLC provides outpatient mental health services for Children, Youth, and Families. Mindsolutions, LLC knows the right guidance early in life can help a child or teen grow into a healthy, stable adult. We also know that providing families with the support and education they need to foster positive learning and development for their child will allow the entire family to live balanced and rewarding lives.

Our specialized programs help children, teens, and their families cope with the challenges of mental illness and emotional disturbances. Our expert treatment teams provide assessments as well as individual, family, and group therapy, and case management. We also work closely with schools, social services, and other caregivers to ensure that young people receive the care they need to overcome obstacles that affect their ability to learn and thrive in life.


Mindsolutions, LLC believes that our emotional and mental health depends on our abilities to embrace and express our feelings, move toward social interest, and attain goals of self-worth in love, work, and life in general. Our emotional and mental health suffers when there are inconsistencies between the image we have of ourselves and what is taking place in our immediate experiences. Counseling allows us to gain an accurate perception of who we are in the world and allows us to include our feelings in this reality. Our counseling approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and involves the belief that each individual has the capacity to reframe and change their core values to constructively create changes in all aspects of life. At Mindsolutions, our job in the counseling process is to offer an environment of safety, respect, and acceptance, and to offer therapeutic tools to each person.

Much of who we are now is rooted in our past. We will explore those past experiences that may contribute to the circumstances that bring you to counseling today. Our approach considers the impact of the family you grew up in, your current biological and/or chosen family, and other significant relationships. Through a better understanding of who you are and how you think and we will find ways to move toward healing.


Mindsolutions, LLC has exclusive services for children who have a developmental disability in addition to a diagnosable mental health condition. Our outpatient services include family, individual, and group therapy case managers in both bilingual and bicultural settings. Mindsolutions’s outpatient services are specialized and adapted for youth who qualify for developmental disability services. Mindsolutions is an internationally-recognized model program, whose staff also provides training to mental health professionals on adapting treatment for dually diagnosed youth.


The TSFC (Therapy Support Family in Crisis) was created to support parents in learning how to manage behavioral crises at home. The clinician will teach techniques and skills oriented to the specific dysfunctional behaviors that are adversely affecting the individual’s ability to function or to perform activities of daily living in the member’s environment. The main goal is empowering parents to know how to manage the crisis to prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization. The program also helps siblings to understand the family dynamics and create resilience. The clinicians’ purpose is support and teach the whole family to provide a positive environment for all concerned.

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